Home Health Care in Rochester, Dover, and Salem

Nursing care and senior care enables you receive in home care

More people now people now opt for home care and this translates to a greater demand for qualified nurses and caregivers. If you need nursing care or senior care in Derry, Dover, Merrimack, Portsmith, Rochester, Salem, MA the Brenda Homecare can help. They offer friendly and compassionate home care services including skilled nursing care, senior care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy as well as assisted living services.

Whether you need intensive rehabilitative care, moderate care or light care, there is a personalised care plan for you. Personalised nursing care plans are customised to the requirements of the patient and the immediate family. Whether you have a short-term condition or a long-term condition, Brenda Homecare can devise a suitable nursing and assisted living plan for you.

Senior care services should be provided in a manner that shows respect for the patient and makes the person’s life easier, more convenient and more enjoyable. Senior care service should strive to offer the patient greater independence while helping to maintain dignity and self-esteem.  Nursing care and senior care often go hand in hand and can enable elders and handicapped people to live independently in their own home and at the same time to remain part of their community.

Home care in the form of nursing care and senior care service offers people in need of assisted living with options and alternatives. Whether you have suffered a stroke, have a condition such as Alzheimer’s, need regular wound care or just need help with day to day tasks, a professional homecare service can help you.

In home care services can enable you to remain in your home and your community.  Home is where you feel comfortable and familiar. It is where you want to remain for as long as possible. And with professional senior care and nursing care it is often possible to remain in your home instead of some public or unfamiliar facility.

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