Nursing Care in Merrimack, Dover, and Rochester

When Does a Person Need Nursing Care?

Nursing care is for people who need constant help during a day, because they cannot do things by themselves. Taking care of such a person can be very difficult and tiring, because you have to be there 24 hours a day. Caregivers have to be really patient, because the healing process can be slow and working with a physically or mentally sick old person can be a huge challenge.

When does a person need nursing care?

A person usually needs nursing care, when he or she requires intense rehabilitative care. This can be the result of a stroke, a heart attack, or a serious injury.

Seniors often fall, get hurt or suffer different kinds of injuries, because of accidents. Sometimes these are small and unimportant incidents, but in many cases, they get hurt really bad and need nursing care in order to recover.

These people cannot manage everyday activities by themselves, so they need someone to help them and watch over them all the time. For instance, people who suffer from dementia cannot usually unravel themselves, needing constant care.

In order to give the best support they can, caregivers come up with different care plans, personalized for each patient, as to help them recover quickly and feel good and comfortable at the same time. The recovery might be long and tough, but every senior needs love and compassion.

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