Companion Care in Dover, Salem, Rochester, NH

What Does Companion Care Imply?

Companion care represents an emotional support as well as companionship for the elderly. These are generally healthy people, who need help in managing everyday activities, but still wanting to be independent. Companion care can also be provided to people living in nursing homes, but who need assistance and help during the day.

What does companion care imply?

  1. Light housekeeping

As we talk about older people, who cannot move around that easily, cleaning the house could represent a challenge. That is why, they often need the help of a personal care assistant to manage their basic daily activities. These care givers often prepare meals for the seniors.

  1. Medication reminders

Getting old brings about some unpleasant things that the elderly struggle with, like bad memory. In many cases, they do not remember what they have to do, or where they should go. Taking the medication is a very serious issue when we refer to older people. Forgetting to take their pills could be fatal, so helping them out in this situation is a great relief for these seniors.

  1. Companionship

Often the greatest problem of old people is that they feel very lonely. Staying in the house all the long, generally alone, watching tv or reading, does not bring too much joy or excitement in their lives. Companion care does also include companionship services, meaning that a personal assistant spends a little bit of time in the company of an old person every day, with the purpose of entertaining the senior.

These people really depend on the help of other people, so taking care of them is a great responsibility. Finding the best homecare services for your parents or grandparents is a very difficult job, because you need dedicated people, who would take good care of your loved ones.

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